Unique macramé gifts from Berlin

Here you can find unique handmade macramé gifts from Berlin.



Unique handmade macramé gifts

Unique handmade macramé gifts




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16 thoughts on “Unique macramé gifts from Berlin

  1. Hello;my name is shantol and i would like to know how to create this marvilous macrame basket thats my hi5 email address and no website thank you

  2. Hi, Shantol! Thank you for your comment.

    Unfortunately, i can’t answer your question right now beacause i don’t know whether you have made macrame things before and whether you know the basic macrame knots and technics.

    I’m waiting for your answer and so far i can say that you need for the basket 150 meter 2 mm cord and one 20 cm metal ring.

    best regards

  3. that necklace is amazing… the very 1st one. What kind of cord is that and what thickness, length, etc. was used in it’s making? Any info on how it was done would be greatly appreciated, it’s the best I’ve personally seen.

    Thank you!!!

  4. The both necklases are amazing, specially the first one. Is it possible for you to send instructions on how to do it? Do you have a book regarding works with macrame? In case you don’t which one do you recommend and cost? Please let me know

  5. Hi Carmen,

    unfortunately, I have no detailed instruction for this necklace. But here you can find the scheme I’ve used for the inspiration http://picasaweb.google.com/natalie.holzwarth.

    If you know the basic macramé knots you will manage that. But if you don’t, you’ll find them in this book
    http://picasaweb.google.com/teraenca/MACRAMEESPECIALDECORACION#. There is the knot I used for this necklace in the photos 56 and 57 of this book.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know any macramé books in English.
    I wish you success by managing that!


  6. Hello,

    Am called Victoria. That basket is really amazing. In my home town i have looked for beautiful baskets but it seems all i come across look the same and i really need one urgently. I would like to know how you made that beautiful basket. I have heard few lessons in macrame few years back and i know the basic knots.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. HI,
    Your work is marvelous, just love it specially the neckpieces. Is it possible for you to give some instructions, I am definitely going to try those. For the first neckpiece, is it one piece or two pieces joined together, the neck band n the pendant. Please let me know so I can try.
    Thank you….

  8. Hi are you releasing the pattern for giraffe my senior craft group are really into macrame and would love to make it

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