EnglishHello, my name is Nikolaj Masnikov. I live in Berlin / Germany. Wherever I go I take my camera. I’ll show you a real life of this fantastic city. No clip arts, no third-party galleries — only original photos.

Deutsch Hallo! Mein Name ist Nikolaj Masnikov. Ich wohne in Berlin. Überall wo ich bin, habe ich meine Kamera mit. Ich zeige Ihnen das richtige Leben Berlins. Keine Clip Arts, keine fremde Bildergalerien — nur originelle Fotos.

Russian Всем привет! Меня зовут Николай Мясников. Наконец-то (2009.04.12) завел и русскую версию этого блога: «Живой Берлин». Несмотря на то, что форматы сайтов несколько отличаются, иногда фотоматериалы из одного будут попадать в другой.


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  1. Can I make a suggestion (as a German-speaking Scot)? the quote at the top right of your site presumably started life as “einmal sehen…”. I’d like to suggest a better translation: “Seeing once is better than reading about a thousand times” or if you prefer “it’s better to see a thing once than to read about it a thousand times”


  2. Hi there!
    My name is Alejandro Medina and im writing to ask some electronic support from you,
    as i read in your blog, you have some interest in
    pets and their owners leaving them on the streets,
    waiting for them. well, we have some interest in
    owners leaving the animals in the streets forever.

    could be possible to link into your blog, a small video that we made for “irresponsible”
    owners of pets???

    We made it originally in russian, as a campaign for a rescue center in Kazakhstan, but as we believe the message is universal, we decide it to
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    Check it here
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    Russian version

    thx for your support and comments are welcome.

  3. Hello Alejandro!

    It’s really great videos. But I think they are a bit cruel. Isn’t it?

    So I don’t place them on the home page of my blog, sorry. But I’ll make links to them in the all my “pet posts” (in Russian version too). Is it OK? If so, please give me a slogan you like.

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  5. Hi from Miami !!! Und DANKE !
    von einer ehemaligen echten Berlinerin, dann Wahl-Bayerin und nun wohnhaft in Miami, aber Deutschland immer noch sehr vermissend !!!
    There is nothing like home !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Да уж… Тут как люди раньше говорили: Азбуку учат — во всю избу кричат :)

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  8. Regarding the text at the top right of the site (in an excellent theme, by the way) a common idiom in English is “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

    I’m sorry I can’t offer any translation.


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